To be honest, the bathroom has to be the most exciting space of an entire home. From providing relief from a long exhausting day to the amusing and lively bathroom singing sessions, our bathroom is a witness to our most personal and intimate moments. It only makes sense why most of us keep looking for modern bathroom designs and ideas to make the space a little bit bigger and better. However, not necessarily you might be having a small space. Sometimes we fail to make complete judicious and functional use of the room. In this blog, we have rounded up some refreshing and practical bathroom interior tricks to turn it into your paradisiacal, spacious sauna.


For curtains, shower drapes, and walls, go for lighter hues and pastels. A wooden floor across the vanity area with small wicker brackets placed along the sink to carry your essentials instills a warm and serene feeling. 


Another way to add more depth and space to your small bathroom is to use dark colors like black for painting the room. The dark color instantly creates an alluring night sky effect. A high-gloss effect with the paint will help you achieve a beautiful bounce of light around the space. 


Rather than hanging a small mirror in your vanity space, cover an entire empty wall with one. The reflection and light pattern from the mirror will do the same work as that of a window. You can also go for a tall/ single mirror piece that can double up as an ornamental decor item. Another trick is to add multiple mirrors in the same wall if covering an entire wall with one seems impossible. 


Glass certainly works wonders when it comes to opening up a small space. Replace your opaque shower doors with glass ones. It will help you open up your bathroom space drastically. If it helps, you can also consider removing it entirely for full functional use of your room.


The more you allow natural light in, the brighter, fresher, and more spacious your space will get. It’s pretty easy for small bathroom spaces to go dark and dull. If you only have a small window, consider getting a skylight or a solar tunnel to spread the light across your room. A translucent window shade is another way of adding in more light while still ensuring your privacy. 


While adding decor pieces and installations in your small bathroom space, be highly concise, specific, and think of making the area more seamless. Opt for wall-hung units, eliminate the clutter, go for open shelves to push the walls further back than they are. Keep the floor clear and opt for floating sinks or floating storage to make the space airier.

When it comes to looking for ideas for spacious modern bathroom designs, the list can go endless. The best way to choose one is to align them with your lifestyle and think of the ratio of functionality and appeal. If you would like a customized handout of ideas that fit your vision and space, connect with us at (832)-764-1049 to book a consultation.