Open floor plans are now the top pick for custom homeowners for undeniable reasons:

  1. They create a seamless flow across the space
  2. They make a room more spacious and open
  3. They add more light and airiness
  4. They improve real estate value and add a modern appeal
  5. They make a home energy efficient

One of the most significant aesthetic advantages of incorporating an open floor plan is making a home more unique and bespoke. Hence, many of the best custom home builders in Houston, TX, come across this demand from their customers.

Just to give you a brief, an open floor plan refers to two or more traditional home spaces interconnected for a stylish and grander functional shared space. Apart from creating an aesthetically smooth flow across an area, open floor plans also encourage interaction to create an ultimate communal living space.

However, an open floor space doesn’t indicate the absence of barriers between the rooms nor their interconnectivity. The best way to help you understand this concept better is through the following examples:

  • Dining Room/ Kitchen: This is the most common open floor plan present across different houses. Quite often, this space is more visually pronounced with a kitchen peninsula or a kitchen island.
  • Dining and Living Room: In this case, the visual division is usually achieved by a set of chairs, different paint colors, a handrail, or even a sunken area led by stairs.
  • Kitchen/ Dining Space/ Living Space: The interconnection of these three rooms leads to a much more spacious space, often made seamless with a vaulted ceiling.

In simplest terms, an open floor plan incorporates a sense of openness with a greater traffic flow. However, it can be pretty easy for this space to lose warmth, intimacy, and privacy. It can be easy for open floor space to lose definition and look disorganized and confusing.


You can color the common wall of the interconnecting spaces to add more depth and richness to the decor theme of your area. A vivid colored wall makes your room look more inviting and longer while adding a bright color pop to liven up the space.


Incorporating a rug is probably the smartest and easiest way to create division and add definition to your space. An area rug separates and defines the visual plane of space to make an area feel like a room without breaking the cohesiveness.


Using softer materials for the choice of furniture, such as upholstered pieces, cushioned chairs, and sofas, among others, is a great way to instill a homely feeling of oozing comfort and tranquility.


Modular furnishings are another innovative decor tool that provides a clean, sleek, and neat look to a space. Movable furnishings allow for a dynamic space to increase the utility and functionality of a room.

Visualization plays a vital role in making the best use of your open floor plan space. If you are looking for a Houston home remodeling company for design ideas for your upcoming custom home building or expansion project, feel free to connect with our experts today for some state-of-the-art design play.