When the bathroom space is better, it appears and feels bigger. Unlike a big bathroom, in which you can play around with decor, remodeling a small bathroom isn’t easy as it sounds. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to renovate a bathroom and counter the cramped up feeling. Take a look at our expert tips to achieve the desired spacious feel and elevate the visual aspects of your bathroom.

Use of colors 

If the colors in a little space do not blend well, it gives a cluttered visual look. Either stick to a single color tone for the entire space or a set of two that blend seamlessly. For instance, paint the ceiling and walls in a similar shade or tone, so that they can easily go well with the color of bathroom tiles.

Limit patterns and designs

The more the patterns and designs in the space, the smaller it appears. When the objective is to create visual space, use fewer patterns in the bathroom. While the tiles and walls can have different patterns, it is best to have cohesion rather than a contrast to avoid a cramped up feel.

Use mirrors and glasses

Perhaps it’s not only a new thing to say mirror and glasses make any space, including the bathroom, appear bigger. With more mirrors and glass elements, including glass-paneled doors and glass shower-frames, you create a visual effect of enlarging the bathroom space.

Pay attention to the lighting

A well-lit space not only creates a spacious feel but also gives your bathroom a luxurious feel. During the bathroom renovation, pay attention to where you place the lighting fixtures. Also, make sure to use natural lighting for both spacious feel and freshness.

Skip the shower door

Do you know there are plenty of ways to create shower boundaries? A shower door consumes lots of space and even adds to the enclosed feeling. Use clear or textured glass or add bathroom curtains to save some space.

With a bathroom remodel in Houston, TX, you can get a stylish bathroom, maintain space, and eradicate the cramped-up feel. Get in touch with us now!