Searching for practical and useful bathroom renovation ideas for your Houston home in the never-ending Google universe can be pretty challenging. Apart from being achievable, they need to meet your utility and design requirements as well. In most cases, the ideas shared over Pinterest can be quite good to look at but can turn out to be ridiculous with zero functional value for you. Besides, let’s not forget, your choice of decor and design needs to consider the humid, subtropical climate of Houston as well. But, worry not because you are at the right portal.

Bathroom dead space can be quite challenging to decorate. With the right decor fit, it can completely glamorize your space. But If you go overboard or don’t complement your existing bathroom decor, it will only clutter up your style theme.

Our experts experienced in dealing with bathroom remodel projects across Houston, TX, are sharing a few effective tips to liven up your bathroom’s dead space:


Your dead space can turn into your personalized dry space haven for all vanity needs. Quite often, our sink area doesn’t offer much storage space for all our fancy kits and impulse-bought divine smelling body washes (we agree! They look too pretty to “not buy”). Rather than cluttering up your sink area and platform, you can utilize your dead space for (a dry) very easy to clean and maintain vanity space.


Are you thinking about adding some wooden cabinets? Instead, you can install a stone slab (granite or any stone of your choice) with some cute designer baskets lined up along the platform. Add some smart hanging organizers, portable mini racks, and holders for a modern appeal. The best part about these baskets is that you can change them as per trends and your mood without undergoing any intensive construction work.


Another smart storage space idea is the incorporation of bar carts as storage gear. First, they are highly functional. Secondly, they are portable, and you can change their location as and when you like. Thirdly, they look gorgeous while giving your bathroom space a contemporary appeal. Ladders are another modern storage method that saves floor space while adding a unique visual element to your room.


You can even go for a customized sustainable tall cabinet space that is a product of green building. Apart from being eco-friendly, your green built-in will provide a neat and clean look to your area. You can even place some potted plants to incorporate a natural design element into your space.

If used efficiently, your dead space can add life to your bathroom while adding more brightness and openness to your space. Are you feeling ready to explore some modern bathroom renovation options for your Houston home? Connect with us at (832)-764-1049 for some fresh ideas that complement your style vision, or browse our website to learn more about our experts!